23rd Antinazi Zone YRE Summer camp

23rd Antinazi Zone YRE Summer camp (2016)

The 23rd  Antinazi Zone- YRE summer camp will take place in Maragas campsite, in Agia Anna, Naxos, in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean sea.

Once more, from Friday July 29 until Sunday, August 7, people from all over Greece, and abroad, young and old, will converge there, and , for 10 days and 9 nights, will set up a small society, like the one we want to build. Based on solidarity, collective work, self organised and, more than everything, full of fun .

The programme will include sessions and workshops concerning the refugee crisis and the solidarity movement, the court case against Golden Dawn, the LGBT movement, the struggle for workers rights, important movements in Northern Greece (Skouries, VIOME), the movement in France, the radical left in the USA, the movement against the water tax in Ireland, the 80th anniversary of the Spanish civil war, music and movements etc.

The programme will also include concerts, movie screenings, workshops, beach parties, excursions etc.

Cultural events have already been organised, and everything shows that they will be better than ever!

Social Waste will perform live on Friday, August 5 and  Bandallusia on Saturday, July 30. On Monday, August 1, there will be a screening of Angelique Kourounis’ documentary “Golden Dawn: A Personal Affair”.

Like in the last two years, this year there will be a self organised kitchen, so that participants can have cheap and quality food , covering every taste, including meat, fish and  vegetarian dishes.  And, of course, there will be breakfast, snacks, salads and a barbecue every night!

There will also be a self organised bar, working every day, from morning until the night, covering every need, from coffee to juices, tsipouro, beer and cocktails.


Participation costs

115 euros from Athens

140 euros from Thessaloniki

125 euros from Volos


It includes a stay of 9 nights (in your own tent), move by hired bus from Thessaloniki and Volos, ferry tickets (return) from Rafina, busses from/to the port of Naxos and a discount card, offering discounts of 10-20% in restaurants and bars.

For more information and the final programme take stay tuned on antinazizone.gr, or our Facebook page (Camping-Yre), or our twitter account (@CampingYregr)



This year’s camp will take place at the Maragas Beach campsite, in Agia Anna, Naxos (www.maragasbeachnaxos.com).

The campsite is situated in front of one of the best beaches in the Cyclades, and which caters to every taste, due to its sheer size: Quiet and solitude for this who wish for it,umbrellas and sun beds for those who wish to be comfortable, lifeguards for more safety.

The positions that we have booked are in site A-B-C in the map shown at the campsite’s web page.They all have natural or artificial shading. There are enough plugs to provide electricity. The bath houses and the toilets are quite close by. They where fully renovated last year and offer hot water 24/7. In the entrance of the living space there will be the bar and the self-organised kitchen,and a space where we will be able to eat or have some coffee at very low prices.

For those who wish for it, we have booked some tents with beds in them, at 25 euros a night (for two beds).
Unfortunately we where unable to find any rooms to let within the camp or in the vicinity. There will be immediate updates if we find any available rooms.
Agia Annas and the campsite are 6 kilometres away from the main town of Naxos.
There is a KTEL (regional bus) stop in front of the campsite. Busses run between 08:00 and 02:00
There is also the camps minibus, that transports people to and from the port, whenever ships are arriving.
During our  groups arrival on 29/7 and departure on 7/8 the transportation of the participants will be organised. Participants will be moved by hired busses.


How to find us

Maragas is one of the most beautiful areas in Naxos. It is in the western part of the island, 6kms away from the port of Naxos. , which is the islands centre (Chora). There are frequent busses to Chora and the port, stopping right by the entrance of the camp. You can also rent a bicycle, a bike or a car at the reception of Maragas Beach



This year, and despite the fact that prices are already low, we will help those that have financial difficulties, by offering the following discounts:
For those who book and prepay by June 30 through our website : 10% discount
For the unemployed and groups of more than four persons: 10% discount
For school students: 20%
They do not apply accumulatively


Despite the fact that our summer camp became known as a youth camp, in the last few years participants include more and more families, and this is a very welcome development for us. A lot of children participate in the camp (ranging from newborn babies to teenagers) and we all coexist harmonically.  A contributing factor is the operation of the children’s space/daycare, that includes activities aimed at children , and that is in operation every day, and is organised by parents and volunteers. Register here  and  register your availability for the  children’s space here. There is a special space only for families, and there are  discounts. Children up to five do not pay, while  children from 5 to 10 are entitled to a 50% discount on their stay.



The operation of the camp is based on organising the voluntary offer of everyone so that:
there is a low cost and our vacation is cheap:
we learn how to cooperate and advertise collective work
we don’t base the organisation of our camp on “business” conditions, and we organise the programme in a way that we like.



Lately, we have been operating a self-organised kitchen in the Antinazi Zone- YRE summer camp. It is operated  by a group of campers-volunteers. In it, we do prepare every day:

  1. Fresh and non-junk breakfast, with homemade jams, cereals, sandwiches and so on, for everyone
  2. A choice of two dishes for lunch. A vegetarian meal and one that includes meat.
  3. Various snacks during the day and the evening (sandwitches, hot dogs, home made ice cream, sweets, side dishes for tsipouro etc)
  4. Salads that accompany your meal, or for those who want to keep themselves fit.
  5. Roasted meat, always cooked on our huge barbecues, that keep working all night long. And all this in affordable prices!

This year, we are also introducing the food card:

with 25 euros, prepaid in the beginning of the camp, or during the camp, you have a meal for 4 days, including: one portion of food that you choose, one salad and one big bottle of water.


About Us

The central idea behind the camp, is to organise meaningful collective holidays. The goal of the camp, is to become an event that will bring people together, , help us have a cheap alternative vacation, start a dialogue between us on how we want to live and what kind of society we would like to live in . Our camps  have a duration of 10 days, where  we camp together, , have conversations, movie screenings,  parties and celebrations, workshops and excursions, there is a children’s space and a self organise bar and kitchen. In a few words, its a ten day festival with lots of activities and actions. Taking part in all of these is, of course, voluntary. In the camp, we hope to bring together progressive people, people from the movements, people from the Left, and anyone who is looking for a way out of the pressure caused by the system. The campus organised by two antiracist and antifascist  initiatives, Antinazi Zone and YRE, but we ask for the help and participation of anyone that is willing to give us a helping hand. We are not an organisation that works for profit, so every one of us must try and contribute (wherever we can) and with the power of collective work, we can achieve a low cost and have some cheap vacations.  Every year we try to find a place that can cater to our organisational needs. Join us in this trip!


Contact Info

If in need of any information contact us at
Athens: +302102283018-19 [Gortynos 8, Kato Patisia]
Thessaloniki: +302310540432 ( ΤΑΚΙΜ space, Katouni 25)
e-mail: antinazi.yre@gmail.com
Facebook: Camping-YRE
Twitter: @CampingYregr

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